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WA production equipment determines the grade or market trend

2021-04-07 14:06:17

With the guarantee of process technology, process and quality assurance system, the status of main and auxiliary production equipment not only directly affects the manufacturing cost of the enterprise, but also affects the product quality, and determines the grade or market trend of the enterprise’s products. In addition to a small number of enterprises, many enterprises in China have continued to use the original manufacturing equipment. From the situation of main equipment and auxiliary equipment such as raw material preparation, smelting, crushing processing, physical and chemical analysis and testing, some equipment can no longer meet the needs of modern white aluminium oxide material industry. From the process control of smelting process, energy saving and consumption reduction, to the quality control of processing and pelleting process and product structure, these are closely related to the enterprise’s own equipment, which should be paid enough attention. Such as: raw materials and semi-finished products crushing equipment, energy-saving transformer, white aluminium oxide package, processing granulation primary crushing, etc.

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